Follow my journey of entrepreneurship.
The marathon of discovering the best version of myself through mind, body and soul.

Turning obstacles into opportunities and adversities into action. - Gobi Krishnan, 2011 (SICCI Award Speech)

I started my business journey over 20 years ago on my dad’s kitchen table. Voted Entrepreneur of the Year by the Singapore Indian Chambers of Commerce within my first 4 years operating.

I built multi-million dollar revenues, developed subsidiaries in developing and challenging economies. It allowed me to create and manage brands, develop portfolios of a wide variety of goods and commodities globally. I was given the opportunity to advise governments and big retail with time-critical supply chains during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, I grew up with less than average. I had days without lights at home or food on the table. I took the road less travelled. I have also made my fortune and lost it all and have restarted my quest twice in my life of entrepreneurship.

What keeps me going? It’s that #pursuitofexcellence

Always innovating, persistently disrupting.

Brands & Businesses


I founded Lesont in Singapore at 2007 and achieved swift success in 2011 by winning the Singapore Indian Chambers, Singapore Indian Entrepreneur Award. It now represents a group of companies that are involved in trade and investment related activities across a variety of sectors from consumer goods to raw commodities.

Clarisa Co

It all begins with an idea. I founded Clarisa in 2015 as a key global supply chain for existing trading and distribution businesses as part of the Lesont Group. Establishing a successful business in Mexico, Clarisa Co is a multi-million dollar enterprise that now serves as an integral part of the Lesont Group supply chain.

The Car Export Co.

Leveraging on our existing strengths of logistics and commercial ventures, we began procuring LHD/RHD vehicles globally for diplomatic, military and NGO services.